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Career Counselling for Students

Students feel pressured to make post-secondary school choices with limited knowledge and work experience. Psychologists can administer a variety of inventories to measure vocational interests, abilities and personality factors. They can also provide efficient, time-saving tools to research career possibilities. Students also need to be aware of which occupations are in decline and also where growth is anticipated. Career counselling includes interviews and discussions, testing, and discussion of the overall test results. The addition of a summary report is strongly advised.

Career Counselling and Testing for Adults

Adults seek out the services of psychologists to help them with career planning and change. A stay-at-home mom may decide she would like to re-enter the workforce and feels the need for support and guidance. An illness or an injury can signal the need for a career change. Clients are often looking for reassurance that the options they are exploring are viable. Testing, guided research and discussion provide some of the tools and markers clients need to develop the confidence to take the first step.

Nine Hour Career Assessment and Selection Program

The program includes the following:

  • Assessment: interviews and testing (3 hours)
  • Feedback: discussion of results (1.5 hours)
  • Guided research: targeted research with practical tools (3 hours)
  • Preparation of a summary report: 1.5 hours

The fee for this program is $1,200.00.


Schedule an evening visit with

a psychologist in Richmond Hill.

Comments We Have Received About the Program

"I didn't realize this type of program was available for my son until I happened to see your brochure."

"This (program) has been very beneficial for my daughter. She is now in her last year of university and was feeling very lost. She now knows about careers she never knew existed and sees that there are many options she can consider. Her motivation has improved and so have her grades."

"Thank you. I have been considering teaching but just didn't feel confident to proceed in this direction. I now see that this is a good fit for me and have applied to York University"

"I'm very happy with the results. I appreciate all your time and attention"

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