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Treating Depression and Anxiety from a Psychologist in Richmond Hill

Most of the time our gut tells us when aspects of our life are not working and a great deal of the time the solutions are accessible if we dig deep enough. The problem is that some decisions can be difficult, and we are not ready to face them without support and guidance.


If you think you need help dealing with depression or anxiety, contact Markham Psychological Services.


Seeking Treatment for Depression

Depression often occurs when we experience a loss or a failure. Sometimes we find ourselves in an unhappy situation that doesn't seem to have any viable options. Depression is sometimes a symptom of fatigue and mental burnout. In some instances, depression can also serve as a "wake-up call" signaling that one or more areas of our lives are really not working for us and that we need to identify what that is and make changes. People who suffer from a chronic illness or chronic pain often report depression due to their restrictions and ongoing discomfort and pain. Ongoing depression diminishes the quality of our lives.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

When we are enveloped in gloom and pessimism, we have difficulty identifying options and strategies. We are vulnerable to exaggerated and distorted thoughts about ourselves and our lives. Approaches like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) help us identify patterns of thinking that contribute to and maintain depression. We teach patients a variety of techniques to critically examine and challenge depression inducing thoughts. The client benefits by becoming proficient using this approach and can reduce feelings of depression.


Sometimes we have to solve problems and make tough decisions that we would rather avoid or at best post-pone. Making decisions and taking the appropriate actions often leads to a notable reduction in depressive symptoms.


Positive psychology emphasizes what's right with you rather than what's wrong with you building on skills and past success to address current challenges.


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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety can be caused by many factors. We are anxious when we are facing problems we don't know how to solve. One may sense that a partner is distancing and moving away from us. There may be issues at work or financial problems that seem insurmountable. Working late hours and weekends for years can take a toll on the individual and result in chronic fatigue and lack of motivation. Decreased productivity creates anxiety. An individual may suffer from social anxiety or a phobia. Anxiety and depression may occur when an injury or illness does not appear to be resolving as quickly as expected. We can feel guilty and anxious when we have violated our moral code or belief system. Sometimes we don't fully comprehend all the levels and layers of our anxiety without assistance.

Treatment for Anxiety

A psychologist is trained to not only help you understand the source(s) of your anxiety but also select the appropriate treatment strategies to treat your anxiety Not all people who suffer from significant anxiety take anti-anxiety medication, but initially, some patients do. This depends entirely upon the individual and the overall circumstances. There are many effective strategies to reduce anxiety and to learn how to feel more relaxed.

Get Professional Help

If you feel overwhelmed or sad with life, seek professional treatment from a psychologist for your depression or anxiety. We offer teletherapy or telephone options.

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