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Rehabilitation Counselling Services in Richmond Hill

At Markham Psychological Services, our rehabilitation and pain management counselling is geared to individuals who have sustained physical injuries or loss in an accident or due to other medical reasons. Rehabilitation counselling is unique to each individual’s needs and the ailment they suffer from. The purpose of counselling is to help patients cope and adjust during their recovery.


Recovery can be a lengthy process. Some injuries heal fully but in some cases the recovery is less than 100%. This can lead to restrictions and unexpected life-style adjustments. Restricted or painful movement is uncomfortable and inconvenient. It can make life seem harder than it should be and unfair. There are moments when we feel isolated and downright sorry for ourselves. Problems can occur when we are unable to adapt to required changes and stay stuck in a psychological slump.


Psychologists may offer support by expanding your knowledge of pain management strategies and providing treatment for depression and anxiety. In the early stages, patients don't know if restrictions are temporary or more permanent (depending on the nature of the injury). Time and physical treatments will determine the best level of recovery for you. At Markham Psychological Services, you'll find experienced and sensitive support to guide and help you through this journey. Individual counselling and membership in a supportive group can help.


I typically treat individuals who are coping with and adjusting to injuries sustained through an accident. I understand that "being rear-ended" by another vehicle can lead to a longer than anticipated recovery. Pain, restricted movement and activities and disturbed sleep take their toll. With timely attention and treatment, most people can anticipate a good recovery.


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Referrals from Rehabilitation Consultants or Insurance Companies

We accept new and also longer-standing, challenging short and long-term disability cases. Dr. Hansen firmly believes that early psychological assessment, either of a brief or more extensive nature is pivotal to formulating an appropriate treatment plan and obtaining better results. Medications for various mood states do not appear to be sufficient for many patients. After 25 years of practice, Dr. Hansen has observed that approximately one-third of patients report "no benefit" from some medications, another third report "some benefit" and another third report "significant benefit." Generally speaking, medication combined with early psychological assessment and support and treatment seems to result in greater progress in motivated clients.


Get in touch with us for rehabilitation counselling in Richmond Hill. You can also call us at 905-472-5842 to book an appointment with Dr. Hansen.


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